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You sometimes hear the term 99.9 up time guarantee but what does this mean and why is it important for your business? How can you minimize downtime and what tools can you use to measure your website’s uptime?

What is uptime?

Uptime is a term used to describe the period a service (or a website in our case) is available online. This is usually expressed as a percentage of the total available time which is 365 days per year. So a website that is up all year long 24×7, it is said to have 100% uptime. If uptime is 90% then that means that the website is down for 36.5 days (out of the total 365).

From the above examples, it is clear that uptime is a very important for websites and online businesses. Imagine having your online store down for days…How would that impact the performance and reputation of your business? A scenario that most businesses owners don’t even want to hear.

Why is uptime important?

We have already mentioned how uptime or better how downtime can affect your business reputation but there are more reasons that go beyond that.

1)      You will lose customers – Chances are that people who visit a website and it is not available at that time, they won’t visit again. Don’t forget that you are not alone on the web so you cannot afford to lose customers because your website is down.

2)      It will negatively impact your rankings – Downtime it’s bad for SEO. Google wants to keep searchers happy and they won’t sent them to a website that has a low uptime.

3)      You lose customer trust – Visitors who notice that your website is down frequently will be less willing to proceed with a purchase because they will think that their payment details are at risk.

How to measure your website’s uptime?

Obviously you cannot sit in front of a computer all the time checking your website so the best way to measure uptime is to use a service. There are many services available (some of them are free as well) that make automatic checks in predefined internals and may even notify the webmaster that a website is down. At the end of the month you also get a report with the uptime percentage.

For the more technically oriented people another way to calculate uptime is by going through the web server logs but in general the best way is to use a service that does periodic checks.

A word of caution, uptime does not equal to good performance. A website may be available 100% but the performance may be slow. In such cases website monitoring tools will not be able to understand this so if performance is also of great concern you may need to go with more sophisticated tools like catch point or solar winds.

Similarly if your service depends on a number of providers then you need to ensure ……

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